【Edo Hand-Painted Lantern Chochin】Mini Chochin Order Form

What is Edo hand-painted lanterns?

From around the middle of the Edo period (1603-1867), there were many painting craftsmen working in the Asakusa area.

From around the Meiji period (1868-1912), the wholesaler system was developed and the division of labor between chochin (lantern) manufacturers and those specializing in chochin lettering began to progress.

The characters drawn on the lantern are generally called Edo characters, and the lantern makers used to draw the original Senja-fuda (Senja-fuda) to be pasted on shrines and temples.

Senja-fuda are drawn within a frame, but lantern does not have a frame line, so the characters are drawn a little more spontaneously. Also, the family crest is drawn in black on a white background, unlike the way kimono crests are inserted. It is easy to see from a distance, and the lines are drawn in a creative and well-balanced manner.

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    Mini Chochin Shape

    Please choose from the following two types: Mini No. 4 (long) and Mini No. 3 (oval).

    Mini No. 4 (oblong)

    size: 7.5 cm (diameter) X 25 cm (length)

    Mini No. 3 (oval) size

    12 cm (diameter) X 25 cm (length)