Memorial Engraving

Turn your adorable pet into a warm wood carving work of art.

We will engrave the pet in the exact like your pet’s photo using traditional Inami sculpting techniques and deliver it to our customer.

Inami Sculpture

The origin of Inami sculpture can be traced to Zuisenji Temple, the symbol of the town of wood carving. When the temple was destroyed by fire in the mid-Edo period (1763), local carpenters learned the techniques from Maekawa Sanshiro, a sculptor who came from Kyoto. Later, as Zuisenji Temple was rebuilt, the wood carving techniques of Inami sculpture got deepened, and the number of wood carvers gradually increased. Today, there are more than 100 wood carvers in the area.

The characteristic of Inami carving is the three-dimensional and dynamic wood carving technique. In particular, the exquisiteness of openwork carving, in which more than 200 carving knives are used to carve from both sides of a transom, is a representative wood carving technique of Inami sculpture. The technique has also been used to create modern wood carvings.

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Arrival of goods

It might take 1-6 months to deliver your products as this is all handmade. Please note that the delivery time may be unavoidably delayed due to material shortages or delays in the production process.

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