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Each basket is made to order one by one. Kyo-Tsuzura is a woven bamboo basket with a lid, and Watanabe Shoten is the only craftsman in Japan that makes Tsuzura baskets. Kyo-Tsuzura baskets are coated with lacquer, which has antibacteria and anti-insect properties. It is also highly breathable, making it a perfect item for storing not only clothes and other costumes, but also other important clothes worn on a daily basis.
You can also order other shapes and sizes than the ones shown in the photo. We can also put your name on it, so please feel free to contact us for more information. 

What is Kyo Tsuzura?

Kyo-Tsuzura is a tool called “Akeni”, which is used by Japanese sumo wrestler (called Rikishi in Japanese) to carry various tools during their tour of Japan in the main tournament. The name of the Rikishi is painted on the side, and it is so sturdy that it will not break even when a heavy Rikishi sits on it. The main material used is bamboo, which makes it light and easy to carry. The secret of its strength and lightness lies in the layers of materials used, including Japanese paper and lacquer, in addition to the original bamboo material.

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