【Eco-Friendly Paper Box / Omi-Ikkanbari】Versatile craft born in Omi that can be used anywhere

Making Process of Omi-Ikkanbari


Paper is braided at all angles, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. The tighter the twist and weave, the stronger the craft will be.


Handmade Japanese paper is stretched over the top to create a durable and tear-resistant surface.


The paper is coated with the juice of astringent persimmon. The layers of coating make the paper strong and water-repellent.

You can watch the making process on YouTube!


What is Omi-Ikkanbari (Eco-Friendly Paper Box)?

IKKANBARI(Eco-Friendly Paper Box) is one of the traditional crafts in Japan from ancient times. Wood or bamboo can be used for the framework, covered with Japanese paper, and reinforced with persimmon tannin or lacquer. It is also used for the Senke Jushoku, tea ceremony utensils used in the tea ceremony. Unlike regular ikkan-bari, Omi ikkan-bari (Japanese paper box) is made using paper strings and Japanese paper instead of bamboo. Kinsuke Ebitani, the first representative of Ebitani Kogei, develped the Omi Ikanbari, and only the workshop has continued to make it to the present day.

Lightweight! Durable! Waterproof!

Is it really made only of paper?” I was so surprised when I first saw Omi Ikkan-bari. The greatest characteristics of Omi Ikkan-bari is its lightness and durability. The characteristic of being able to freely change its shape in any direction, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, and the strength created by the tight weave make it a useful craft. It is also waterproofed and reinforced with persimmon tannin and lacquer, which enabled them to be washed in water.  We hope you will enjoy the aging process of the craft that can be seen after each time you use it.

History of Omi-Ikkanbari

It has been 50 years since Kinsuke Ebiya, the first generation, started to make this craft. In this world where the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have been a key for businesses to give positive impact on society, they continue to appeal their eco-friendly craft for both domestic and international market. The interview with Ryota Ebiya, the third generation, can be found below. Please read the interview to know more about the unique craft.

Warmth of Color makes Everyday Life more Colorful

It takes about a month to finish making this craft. The amount of time and effort that goes into each work of art  is obvious when you see it. The design of the craft shows not only the craftsman’s skill, but also the unique appearance that meet current needs of craft industry. There are seven color variations (red/blue/green/yellow/brown/pink/light green). The product lineup also includes towel boxes and accessory cases. The colors are easy to fit in with your interior, and the appearance of the craft will give you a sense of warmth and peace of mind.

Every time you see or touch the colorful Omi Ikan-bari, you will be impressed by its practicality. It is a natural material, lightweight, durable, and washable. Why don’t you incorporate the craft into your daily necessities? You can watch a video of Omi Ikan-bari making below. You will surely want to have one when you see the dedicated work.

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