【Tokyo Umbrella】The most powerful item that makes you look forward to rainy days

Making Process

Raw fabric weaving

 A wide variety of designs and colors are available,

and each piece is woven by hand by fabric makers.

Bone production

Craftsmen make skeletons of various shapes by hand.

Handle part

Handle part molding, shaving, and polishing.


The fabric, framework, and handles are assembled. The made fabric is cut and carefully sewn one by one. Since all the processes are done by hand, when you see it, it is obvious that it is different from ordinary umbrellas.

What is Tokyo Umbrella?

Tokyo Umbrella is an umbrella made in Tokyo that has foreign origin which is completely different in design from the Japanese-style umbrellas used in Japan since ancient times. It is a slightly more luxurious umbrella that goes well with Western clothes.

Features of Tokyo Umbrella

A well-balanced and uniform design is the most distinctive feature of Tokyo Umbrella. The four processes of fabric, bone, handle, and assembly are all handcrafted by professionals in a division of labor, which means that every detail is handled with the utmost care. Another feature of Tokyo Umbrella is its high functionality. It can be used as both a parasol and a parasol, making it an excellent product that can cope with sudden changes in the weather. The quality of workmanship and sewing is a technique that can only be achieved by made-in-Japan products.

History of Tokyo Umbrella

The technology of the umbrella was brought to Japan in 1854. When Perry came to Japan, the parasol was one of the foreign cultures he brought to Japan. After that, the production of Western-style umbrellas attracted much attention and started mainly in Tokyo. Since that time, the system of division of labor had been adopted, with each person concentrating on one process and refining his or her skills. In the Meiji period (1868-1912), the fashion of matching a Western-style umbrella, a luxury item, with Japanese-style clothing became popular and took the world by storm. Tokyo Umbrellas, with a history of about 100 years and traditions that have been handed down to the present day, have been selected as a traditional craft by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and continue to be loved by people of all ages.

Modern Tokyo Umbrella

We live in an age where umbrellas can be purchased inexpensively at convenience stores, supermarkets, and anywhere else. You must have experienced at least once that you bought a plastic umbrella in a sudden rain and left it behind at your workplace. Tokyo Umbrella not only has different designs, sizes, and colors for men and women, but also offers excellent products that you can enjoy the texture of as you use them with care. The handles are also available in a wide variety of designs, allowing you to choose the handle that you prefer. Why not make a dreary rainy day a bright and sunny one with your favorite umbrella?

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