Number of Contracted craftsmen

We have contracted with craftsmen all over Japan.

87 types

Number of different types of crafts

We deal in various kinds of crafts such as ceramics, cut-glass, silverware, cloisonne, and so on…

2,270 Products

Number of offering products

We deal with a wide range of products from interior design to accessories and daily necessities.

Updated 8 Feb 2024

A message from CEO

Thank you for visiting our website.

I have loved to see creative process of traditional craftsmen since my childhood and have always been impressed by the dedication they show towards their work. I used to dream of being a carpenter, specialising in woodwork that would be featured in temples and shrines.

However, there is an unfourtunate reality that the market for these handcrafted goods has been shrinking over time, and with this the legacy of ancient Japan which has been passed down from generation to generation. This makes me determined to find a way to support the sunset industry of Japanese crafts and create a society where these craftspeople only need to focus on putting their efforts into “craftsman work”.

Suigenkyo takes the responsibility of delivering these crafts to potential customers so that traditional craftsmen can focus on their process while their work is shared with a wider audience they may not be able to reach otherwise. We aim to spread the high-quality standard of Japanese craftmanship all over the world, showing the diverse array of products that Japanese traditional craft are able to offer.

Suigenkyo Ltd.

CEO / Motoshige Sumii

Online Store

Suigenkyo Online Store is an e-commerce site specializing in traditional crafts.
We sell our products all over the world, both domestically and internationally.

We offer a wide range of tableware, interior goods and even accessories that can be easily used at home.

In addition to the selection of crafts at our online store, we can also accept made-to-order request to satisfy your needs.

Some of our products are ideal for your gift and present option!

-We promise that your experience and voice will be shared to Craftsmen.


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