【Sakai Uchihamono】A Product born in the Land of Samurai

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Cutting Edge recognized Professional Chefs

In Japan, almost 90% of chefs choose Sakai Uchihamono. Even today, each knife is made by hand in a 15-step process, and the sharpness of the blade is enough to make a chef’s heartbeat faster. The Japanese knives have a “single-beveled” which is unique compared to other knives in the world, and the razor-sharp blade is excellent for cutting fish when preparing Japanese food. It shows a brilliant cut on the food and brings out the best flavor without crushing the cells. In addition, the combination of steel and base metal is pounded and extended to increase durability resulting in outstanding sharpness. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Sakai Uchihamono is its “luster”. In the sharpening process, the steel is sharpened with a sand called Kongo-sha, which gives the steel an even greater luster. Sakai Forged Blades are not only specialized for cutting, but also its sophisticated appearance attracts many users all over the worlds.

Forged Blades From Osaka to the World

Sakai Forged Blades have a history of about 600 years. The production of knives is originated from when blacksmiths made hoes and other tools when they were needed for the construction of the Nintoku Emperor’s Tomb (the largest ancient tomb in Japan). In the 16th century, guns and tobacco were introduced from Portugal into Japan. At that time, “Tobacco Knives” for cutting tobacco leaves were produced in large quantities. The Edo Shogunate (Headquarters for the government at the time) recognized the technology that produce the sharpness of these knives and allowed them to be sold with the mark of “Sakai-Kiwame” (Indicating officially recognizing extreme level of quality). With the approval of the Edo Shogunate, the name of Sakai Uchihamono gradually spread throughout the country. Today, Sakai Uchihamono is designated as a national traditional craft, and receive a high reputation both in Japan and abroad. In addition, Sakai Uchihamono has a 98% share of the domestic market for cooking knives, boasting overwhelming popularity. Its traditional techniques, which have never faded, have been handed down to the present day.

The Sharpness of the Knife affects the TASTE

Sakai Uchihamono has a strong impression of cooking knives, but today, we have a wide product lineup including woks and frying pans in addition to cooking knives. As the Japanese food boom such as sashimi and sushi are taking place overseas, the tools used to make such Japanese food are also receiving attention, spurring their popularity. Izumi Riki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. has expanded into the United States, Singapore, and France. Also, they receive advice from top chefs outside of Japan, and works hard every day to develop products that can meet the needs of all genres including Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. Stainless steel knives are inexpensive and easy to maintain, while forged blades are expensive and prone to spills. However, just by adding the routine of “sharpening” before cooking, you will not only improve the sharpness of your knives but also make your cooking time more enjoyable. Why not give it a try?

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