【Toyohashi-Fude】Toyohashi Fude Supporting the Brush Industry in the Heart of Japan

Making Process of Toyohashi-Fude

Toyohashi Fude are made through a total of 36 processes, all of which are carried out by hand by craftsmen.


Craftsmen select the raw bristles by the quality, length, and shortness, and remove unnecessary bristles to create the general shape of the brush.


Toyohashi Fude use a variety of bristles. This is the process of mixing the bristles evenly using water. This is the most distinctive part of Toyohashi brush making and requires the craftsman’s intuition based on their experience.


The hair is divided into pieces the size of one core and wrapping the aligned hairs around the outside of the core as uage (upper hairs).


The tip of the brush is dipped in glue and shaped using hemp thread. The brush is inserted into a bamboo shaft and dried to complete the process.

You can watch the Making process on YouTube!


What is a Toyohashi-Fude?

A brush is used as a tool for writing letters and drawings and is mainly made from animal hair. In Asia, brushes are often used for calligraphy, and Kumano brushes in Hiroshima Prefecture and Toyohashi Fude in Aichi Prefecture are famous as the two major production centers of Japanese brushes. In recent years, demand for cosmetic brushes has been increasing, and we have a selection of products that are popular among men and women of all ages.

Craftsmanship Shines through in the Production Process

The Toyohashi brush ranks second in Japan in terms of the number of brushes produced. With high-end products, Toyohashi city boasts a 70% share of the market, far ahead of other production areas. One of the characteristics of Toyohashi Fude is that the ink glides smoothly and comfortably with the brush, and they are highly trusted by calligraphers. The brushes are made from several different types of animal hairs make you write something comfortably depending on your use of purpose. The most impressive part of the process of making Toyohashi Fude is the “Nerimaze” process. This is the process of mixing the bristles evenly using water. This is the most distinctive part of Toyohashi brush making and requires the craftsman’s intuition based on their experience. The production process can be viewed in the video below.

Excellent Location for Brush Making

It is said that the first brush was made in Toyohashi in the early 1800s when a brush craftsman from Kyoto named Suzuki Jinzaemon was invited to Toyohashi to learn how to make brushes. There are two reasons for the development of brush production in Toyohashi: first, brush production was introduced as a side job for low-ranking samurai, and second, because of Toyohashi’s location, it was easy to obtain animal hair such as raccoon dog and weasel hair, which is used for the brush heads. The area is said to have been developed because of its location and the production capacity.

Baby Hair used as a material for Brush!!

When you hear the word “brush,” various types of brushes come to our mind, such as those used for calligraphy, painting, and cosmetics. In fact, Toyohashi Brush uses the same techniques used to produce these brushes to create memorial charms. This product is made from the hair of a baby’s hair. Many people make them as memorial thing for anniversaries and other occasions. In addition, the product can be made from animal hair and is a wonderful gift made with sincerity by a master Toyohashi brush craftsman that will fulfill your wish to be with your precious pet with their feeling.

There are many factors that make a brush different from one region to another, such as the way it is made and the type of brush. Please compare those brushes from different regions. You will surely find a product that suits your style. The products mentioned in this article are also available on the Suigenkyo online store. Please visit us to see your favorite brush!

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